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Tile floors grout is coming up where dogs run

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Hello, I have a two room each being roughly 9x9 with 12" tiles throughout. I remember when laying it down I think we had the mix to dry or something but I dont really remember it was 7 years ago. Anyway, we have 2 German Shepherd dogs and they always run through and around the two rooms (Thy are only separated by a tiny wall) and where they go they have literally tore a lot of the grout down to the mortar. Should this or could this happen? Next I want to regrout but I need to know what tool out there is the easiest for grout removal because I might end up doing the whole floor. The lines are 1/4" and how deep do I have to take the grout down?

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This tool or one of the cheaper brands that can do essentially the same thing.

Could be several reason including poorly mixed (too watery) or maybe it was the pre-mixed acrylic stuff. Remove at least ⅔ of the depth. Let us know what you plan to use.

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