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Tile Floor / Electrical Radiant Heat / Mortar Not Setting

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I installed a tile floor in a lower level bathroom. The tile is 6" * 24". I purchased the tile and the "premium mortar" from Menards. I laid the electric matting, mortared over the mat. For areas where I mortared over the mat - had good success with the tiles setting. For areas where there was no matting, and required a thicker mortar base, the mortar is not hardening. It's about 3/4" thick. I have placed a heater in the bathroom to try to warm the space.

My question is: will this mortar eventually set? or do i need to remove and redo with powder mortar that can set in cold spaces and not have as much water content?
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Something tells me you did not use real mortar, but something pre-mixed. How about you tell us what mortar you used?


This is the link to the product that used ... Thanks for your help. By the way, I laid this on a concrete basement floor in Minnesota ( it's a little cold at this time of the year)
There's only one good thing about that product for what you used it for. The empty bucket.

You chose the wrong product-----You need a powdered modified thinset----

That product requires air to dry----no air under a tile----You may have installed the mat incorrectly also---What did the manufacturer ask for as a setting material----
Looks like a scraper night ...! Complete bummer. I chose this product to save me some time - looks like it's only costing me time now. As for the heat matting, I thought I followed the directions - laid flat on the floor, taped / glued where I was suppose to do so, and applied the "mortar" which obviously isn't mortar over the mat. I hope I didn't lose the mat in the process - the darn thing isn't cheap. I'll let you know how this shakes out.
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