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I have searched the insulation and basement threads however I’m for guidance based on experience and my specifics.

On the NY/PA border I have an investment property with 90% finished basement. It was finished in the 80’s with furred out 2x4’s on their sides and the white beaded insulation 2 layers between. The basement is pretty warm in the and there are no moisture issues. No vapor barrier. The basement is all below grade and the walls are 10” thick poured concrete.

I have changed the floor layout by replacing a workshop/storage room with a bedroom by adding an egress window. Most of the 2 exterior walls in the bedroom were already furred out with 2x4’s fastened on their sides however it was never insulated like mention above. Leading into this room is a hallway approx. 6’ wide that wraps around the bathroom located in the center of the basement. One of the walls has my sewer line, and electrical panel, the other wall I need to squeeze a closet in. (see #2 below)

Here are the area’s I’m looking for the most practical and economical solution based on experiences. Not the spray foam, or hire someone response.

1. The bedroom is only 10’x10’. I could finish it with 2x4’s but considering its already warm being right next to the furnace I would like to just fill in the furred out walls with rigid insulation and run my elec using shallow elec boxes. I’m considering 2’s x 4’s and batt insulation since I think it will be about the same cost and may make it slightly warmer. I’m not sure where the vapor barrier goes (if needed in either option and if I need to leave off 18” from the bottom like ive been reading.

2. The hallway I need to squeeze a closet in I would like to finish by furring out and using 2” ridged. Go with vapor barrier and 18” gap? Its 14’ long and I will make atleast one closet for use by the bedroom and possibly one just for storage adjacent to it.

3. The hallway with the elec panel and sewer I can use 2x4’s and batt since I want to bury the items. Go with vapor barrier and 18” gap? Its 18’ long.

Let me know your thoughts.
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