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Little ol' lady here, trying to figure out how to replace the threshold of my back door, which I removed when I took out the linoleum in the kitchen in prep for laying new vinyl flooring. Took the old threshold (six years old) to Lowe's, trying to find the same threshold, but, of course, no luck. All the new ones are at least six inches wider than mine, and none of them look anything like my old one.

Query: does it matter? I saw a couple that were labled "thick carpet" and "vinyl floor", so I'm assuming those were for floors covered with how they were labled. Can a simple threshold be obsolete after only six years???
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You should be able to buy an exterior door replacement threshold. They will be for 2 X 6 walls, which Lowes had or 2 X 4 walls which is what you need. Go to a local lumber yard. I will have to be ordered but they can get it. Lowes can to, so talk to some other person there. The thresholds you saw are for a transition between interior floors.
I need a little more detail as to what your trying to get. Is this an exterior door? What is this 6 year old threshold made of? Wood or aluminum? What is the width and length of this piece?
Most thresholds need to be cut to fit. Is that what you meant when you said it was 6 " wider?
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