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three piece bathtub units

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I am in the process on replacing a one piece bathtub unit with a three piece fibreglass unit. I have some concerns where these units join in that mold/mildew may form over time in these joins. There is a three inch overlap on those joins. Does anyone have any information on this matter and if indeed mold and mildew would form???????
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Three piece bathtub units

I put these in often in my business keeping up rental houses. These units can be a nice addition to an older bath unit if properly installed. A couple of hints here: when fitting these panels, make sure the bottom of the panel matches the top of the tub before glueing to the wall. I like to fit the panels in with small dabs of cheap caulk as an adhesive, the panels can be removed for fitting multiple times if necessary, then use good adhesive to mount. MOST tubs are not level front to back or end to end on older units, they have settled a bit over the years. You want the top of the panel to be level and attractive, thus the matching of the bottom of the panel to the top of the tub. This will also help with "kinking" at the seams of the panels after fitting the corners. I use a good quality adhesive made for attaching these panels, all caulks, liquid nails, etc., are not made for these plastic panels. I do use a good bath quality caulk between each overlap of panels also and I caulk completely around the panels. I often use the "plastic" type of trim molding around these panels also, it makes them look so much better, won't rot, and I caulk the edges of these also. A good quality caulk is the key IMO to prevent moisture from entering any joint and causing mold/mildew. I have seen units I have put in after two years and they still look good if the tenants keep their bath area clean. Hope this helps, David
Thanks for your input but these three piece units are the ones that are all fibreglass and do not glue to the walls. The three pieces fit together, overlapping at the joints and when installed are the same as the one piece tub/bath units.
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