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What is the preferred method for sealing 1/2" pipe for water? Is tape sufficient?
I use tape and dope, one on top the other. Some use just tape.
I got to ask though, are you using a shark bite adapter?
Why not buy a compression angle stop?

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The way I choose, and normally tape is fine in most cases.
I have found some troublesome drips where tape just did not fix it.
Paste is my preferred method, it never fails me.
Paste is not pretty, if you are going to see the connection, say a shower head in the shower, will use tape.
For the picture you showed, tape will work 99% of the time, if I was out of paste I would use tape.
I would prefer paste for that connection.

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Don't know - are the compressions better? Cheaper?
Cheaper for a compression angle stop than a FIP angle stop and an adapter.

I would even say that a compression joint is more reliable than a sharkbite any day.

Also : Normally only need tape for the joints unless the threads look really bogus/torn or something funky, then I use dope.

Normally use dope only on gas pipe though.
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