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thoughts on waterlox?

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Hey folks, anybody ever used waterlox? I'm either going to finish my living room of 400 square feet of 3 inch read oak in waterlox or oil based poly. Anybody used waterlox?- I do a lot of furniture building and use danish oil for most of it and I'm kind of thinking waterlox is for people who like that kind of look. I really don't want to wait a week or so for it to dry and obviously I want the floor to look good and be protected, so I'm leaning toward poly but intrigued by waterlox. thanks as always for any advice:thumbup:
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I finished a hickory floor, custom stairway & trim with it about 10 years ago for a client. Easy to work with & very forgiving. I was back on the floor last summer doing some more work for him. It had held up pretty well.

He was insistent that I use waterlox is the only reason I applied it. His reasoning was it's easy ability to make repairs himself.

Personally, I'm an oil base poly guy myself.
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