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Thinking about adding a half bath in basement

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Hi all,

I am sketching ideas for finishing the basement and it makes sense to add in a half bath. I'm a novice at this and I am having a hard time visualizing how the sewer lines will connect to my main line out of the house. I would think that with the current position I won't be able to tie into it and obtain flow via gravity. I've attached a picture for your review and am willing to listen to any and all ideas.


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You'll want what we call a grinder pump (capable of pumping solids). It's used when you have to pump a toilet as well as a shower and lav.
Plan on supplying a separate elect. circuit to the pump and a 2" vent that will tie into your existing vent system, or if required, vent through the roof.
The pump will be sized by how high you need to lift the waste before it ties into your building drain. Yours appears to be about 6'.
You will plumb your new fixtures as normal, including vents. Then run the under slab sub drain to the pump basin. From there, the pump will lift it to your existing building drain.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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