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Thinking about adding a half bath in basement

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Hi all,

I am sketching ideas for finishing the basement and it makes sense to add in a half bath. I'm a novice at this and I am having a hard time visualizing how the sewer lines will connect to my main line out of the house. I would think that with the current position I won't be able to tie into it and obtain flow via gravity. I've attached a picture for your review and am willing to listen to any and all ideas.


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Plan on digging a hole for a sewage pit/pump.

Pits with lid--about $60-- Good pumps--$300 to $400
That is the standard ,and has been for about 40 years. I wonder if you already have one?

Typically in a house with an elevated sewer line there are two pits---one sump pit for storm water that is pumped outside and another for sewage (laundry sinks,furnace condensation and floor drains) that is pumped into the house hold drains .

This pit will have a sealed lid and a second pipe that is a vent for sewer gas.

Use google images for sewage pit----Mike---
One of the licensed plumbers will be along shortly with code references and perhaps a picture or better description for you.---Mike----
Sure,open that thing and see what's going on.

I see no pump pipes exiting the pit---odd.
The house may not have had an air conditioner when built. The heating installed should have spotted that.

Often it's cheaper to locate a new pit closer to the bathroom----cutting and trenching across a room is a waste of time and money---

If you wish to cure the pumpless pit---look into a 'condensate' pump --tiny pump/basin that hangs from the side of the furnace and is then piped (tubing) to an over head drain pipe.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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