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Thermostat wiring question

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My HVAC installer is no longer available (long story)

Anyway, I had him rough in a dampered system for the basement that's tied into the first floor Rheem Criterion unit. This way, I'd only have that area serviced when needed. He installed a Honeywell HZ-311 zone controller. He handed me a White-Rodgers 1F78H-144 thermostat to be installed after the drywall went up.

Here's my issue. There are 5 wires attached to the Honeywell(R, C, W, Y, G). The thermostat has W, RH, B, RC, G, O, and Y connectors with RH and RC jumpered.

I'm trying to figure out the wiring. Most of the connections are obvious. I'm wondering about the (C) wire and the jumper wire. Do I connect the (C) to (RC) and remove the jumper or do I not connect it and leave the jumper in place?

The Honeywell manual says to wire per the thermostat instructions.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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So, in other words, the C on the Honeywell does not need to be connected to the WR Thermostat. Is that correct?
Exactly. As stated, a damper system was installed to service the first floor and basement by the Rheem. The Honeywell is the controlling mechanism that the thermostats connect to. I'm trying to hook up the aforementioned thermostat to the honeywell to control the basement zone.
Thanks for the verification.
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