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Didnt know whether this would go in electrical or HVAC so please move accordingly.
I have good electrical knowledge and know how to work safe. So I feel comfortable taking on this task. I've installed a 60 amp service out to our shed, receptacles, switches, conduit ground rods and all, light fixtures, and installed audio systems. Its just a figuring of getting it sorted out and my brain needs some confirmation on this one since its a out of then normal day thing.

I have a small 5,000 btu window ac that works great. But its a analog model and the built in thermostat is unreliable and not exact. One tap its Antarctica, the next its a sauna.

On the other hand I have a 2,000w 240v, wall fan forced heater. Also a built in thermostat. And it too is a beast to try to control.

So I figure let me kill two birds with one stone, make it efficient and also let me be more flexible. Instead of having multiple thermostats. Plus I can use a wifi thermosat to control both in all seasons.

Id like to use a regular 24v HVAC thermostat to control both the Window AC and the wall heater.

Reading online I realized I can do this using the appropriately sized RIB's (relay in box).
So am I correct in understanding all I need to do is get two 120/240v RIB's, wire them in accordingly seperatly to the AC and heater, and hook up the thermostat to them accordingly (relay/thermostat power will be provided by a 24v DC wall wart transformer)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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