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Thermostat cooling humidity setting question

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I was wondering how the 'cooling humidity' setting on my programmable thermostat influences the air conditioner's operation.(if at all, or if it is not hooked up?). The separate heating humidity setting controls the humidifier during the winter.

I think I'd always want the max dehumidification possible, and all AC units dehumidify when operating? I do not believe I have any extra dehumidifying equipment attached to my furnace. I am in cetral IL so today it is 90 outside and our summers are humid. Furnace is a Bryant 90i, condenser is Bryant Quantum plus, thermostat is Bryant too. Thanks!


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It slows the blower to make the coil colder to remove more humidity. once the level is down, it then lets the blower speed up again.
Interesting! I didn't know if that setting was meant for other climates/accessories - turns out it is serving a purpose then. Thank you for the response & info!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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