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Did you find the leak source? Also, the problem most people get into when they opt out of turning in a claim to insurance is that they think they can get rid of water for under the deductible price and be ok..
Water goes into the drywall like a candlewick, baseboards and especially insulation. It will mold, or at least here in California humidity. It usually starts behind the drywall where you dont see it. It starts with the musty smell then the visible. You should at minimal call out a reputable restoration company like Servpro or someone and have them METER the walls and areas to see if its still wet and drying. They will advise you on what next, usually even help with the insurance dealing. If you still decide to not turn in a claim, here is what most of those companies do.
Meter moisture, fix moisture leakage, remove carpet, padding, wet drywall, insulation, add dehumidifiers as the basement will hold moisture in air, add air movers if no mold is present. If mold is present, your too late. Now you must move into plan B.(Thats a whole other story)
after all is dry, repair.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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