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The lights were dimming and then get bright when it was windy

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The lights were dimming and then get bright when it was windy. I checked all the connections in the panel. The PCO was out about 10 days ago and did a load test, everything checked out. Today the POC showed up when I was at worked, I high tailed it home and opened the gate. The PCO reconnected the service both at the pole and the house. PCO lineman said more corrosion at the poll then at the house. I went back to work, when I got home all the lights are as bright as they should be.
Here is my question; will this have any effect on my electrical bill? Not that I expect any monetary compensation from the PCO!
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k_buz I knew the answer was no, but had to ask.:whistling2:
But at least I can see now!:laughing:
Useally not affect your electrique bill at all.

You did make a good call to call the POCO when something is funky on their end and got it fixed.

I have see some worst than what ya going thru.

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