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"the edge" edge vents

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Has anyone here used "the edge" edge vents made by AirVent, Inc.? They're black plastic vents that go on the edge of a roof with little or no soffits. I hear two sides of the story...that they are great, and some people say they can actually cause ice dams....

Any input would be much appreciated...

If the ice damming is a possbility, my other option right now is the vented gutter apron or vented drip edge made by the same company, AirVent, Inc.

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I don't like the Vented Drip Edge, because the louvres are right on top of the gutter where the ice builds up.

Do you have a link to a "Vented Gutter Apron"? thats a new one to me.

There is vented fasia boards made by Crane Building Products.

Also, there id vents that go between the fascia and a sub-fascia that can still have gutters installed, if that is your biggest concern.

For me, personally, I like the Smart Vent, by DCIproducts Inc., and have been using it since 2001 with no problems.

The additional airflow created from the proper Intake Ventilation minimizes any snow melt on the roof surface.

Search this forum for photos I took right immediately after both 6" and 14" snow fals with houses that I installed the Smart Vent on.

But, I am a firm believer in the Shingle Vent II for the best results for Ridge Ventilation.

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Thank you so much, Ed. I wasn't sure if it was called a vented drip edge, or vented gutter apron. Since you haven't heard of it, "vented drip edge" was probably the correct term.

I will definitely check out the DCI edge vents.

We're also doing ridge venting, as well so I think after this we'll have a good set-up.

Thank you very much for the input!
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