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The ceiling lights go out after 10 minutes

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The lights go out in my kitchen after 10 minutes. The circullar light bulb is new. I flick the switch on and off without success(Lights occasionally flicker). After awhile, I turn the switch on and the lights are on again. But after 10 minutes, the lights go out again. What kind of problem am I having?

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Make sure the lamp is inserted into the prongs all the way.
Sounds like a ballast overheating.
They are inserted all the way. I first encountered the problem a few weeks ago. I thought the issue was the circular light bulb that was originally put in hence I bought a new one. I moved in to the house at October 2010, and the kitchen lights were fine until a few weeks ago. The issue I'm having now is the same as the one a few weeks ago.
I'm guessing the ballast is about to give up the ghost.
Replacing the fixture will be easier than finding a ballast.
Replace the fixture. Problem solved. :whistling2:
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