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As you can see by my nickname I am new in remodeling. Purchased condo and decided to do most of work by myself due to tight budget.
Everything was going fine until I didnt spray texture:furious:. I wanted to have very light orange peel effect but it turned out that it is much heavier. Is there a fix for it? Can I run sand paper over it, or only solution will be removing and doing it over?

I am hoping that after applying primer and two coats of paint some voids will fill up and it will not look so heavy and rough.


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Do you have any pictures??????

Applying more paint is definitely not the answer. That will do nothing except seal in the the existing texture in which it will be harder to sand.

You can try and sand it and to make less of a texture but it's going to be really hard to make the ceiling texture look consistent. Most likely there will be areas that are thick and areas that are thin.

I personally would start over from scratch with a smooth ceiling. I would either keep the ceiling flat or I would rent or purchase a texture sprayer. I bought one really cheap at home depot.

To make it flat you will have to do quite a bit of sanding so you are going to get a lot of dust. I would plastic off off any areas leading to the rest of the house.

Some suggestions sanding tools would be:
a pole sander or you can rent a dustless drywall sander from most rental places. I would suggest the porter cable 7800 which hooks up to a vacuum cleaner. Here is a picture of mine. It makes job a whole lot easier and makes much less of a mess


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