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I recently had mold mitigation and the guys found a bunch of termite damage. Some of it we couldn't immediately repair, so we patched up the structure as well as possible.

I have some termited out boards where my deck meets the house on the floor of the second level. This is a load-bearing wall. The deck needs replacing, and I would like to put in a sliding door on the first level right beneath where the damage is.

I figure I'd do everything at once - fix the termited out boards, replace the deck, and put in the sliding door.

This looks pretty serious - I have no idea what is involved in replacing wood on the structure of the house. I also assume that there are joists in the ceiling of the basement that attach to this wood - so we'd have to cut some drywall off on the interior to re-screw everything.

Also, these boards are staggered. This makes sense structurally, but seems like it would be very hard to replace them.

Any idea what has to be done? How hard this is, or how much it might cost?

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