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Mom's roof was damaged by a tree, so water got in. Unfortunately the termites followed and damaged the wall, roof rafters and a ceiling joist too.

We placed a shoring frame to support the roof while we replace some roof rafters and part of the wall. Replacing those should be relatively easy after the roof deck is removed since the roof rafters go up only to the ridge. However, the ceiling joists span the entire room, which is almost 15 feet. The termites ate into about 4 feet of the ceiling joist, and the rest of this joist seems good. Replacing the entire ceiling joist will be more of a challenge.

In your opinion, is it better to:
1. replace the entire ceiling joist or
2. chop out the bad section only (4 ft.) and replace with a new section joined to the original ceiling joist with steel (Strong-Tie) mending plates?

The photo shows the cut end of the ceiling joist about 2 feet from the eave. (You can see the termite tunnels, so later we cut back further to the good wood.) The horizontal beam pictured above the joist is a 4 x 4 temporary support for the roof rafters. Steel cross members below the ceiling joist are part of the shoring frame.

So what do you think? Mend the ceiling joist or replace? Thank you for your advice!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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