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Temps to seal Concrete

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Hey All,

I'm looking at sealing some concrete with a 15% solid sealer. The mfgr instructions say that it has to be placed when temps are 50 degrees, but it doesn't say anything about how long it needs to stay at that temperature. Does it need to stay at 50 until it dries (mfgr says 30min to 1h)? It says foot traffic is OK in 4-6 hours. Should it stay above 50 for that 4-6 hours? I've looked at quite a few websites, and all I can find is that sealers (especially ones that contain acrylic) need to be placed when temps are at a minimum 45-50 degrees, but none of them say how long it needs to stay there!

Any insight?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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Ideally, when they give curing times, they are assuming that it stays at or above that temp for the duration of the curing. I would say that it needs to be 50+ for that 4-6 hours.
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Cool temps will slow down the cure process, freezing temps will stop it and could cause harm to the sealer. How cold are your nights?
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why only 15% solids ? you've already cleaned the conc sufficiently, correct ?
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