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Just spotted a safety issue at someone's home and I would like to get it corrected before something happens. This will be a temporary deal and will be removed in approx a year.

Basically an attached garage has a proper welder 50A circuit run from the main breaker to the garage with proper receptacle. Then there is a 3ft adapter made to plug into the 50A receptacle, and other end has a 20A/240V receptacle on it that plugs into a long 12ga cord that is running a pump.

So anything that is 12ga or even the plugs, are not safe.

My first thought was just to go install a 20A breaker and all is well, and switch it back later, but thought I might see if there are other simple solutions? I have a small 50A load center I could stick a break in, but...... Thought I would check.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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