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Hello All

Not sure where this should be posted, but i have an issue that i am looking for what might it be.

Being winter here in Toronto, Canada. we must run our HVAC unit to keep our homes warm, so my thermastat is set to 22 celcious. The temperature on the main floor reads 22, however on the second floor (where our bedrooms are), the temperature is only 20 celcious. Its 20 in every room.

Why is that? What could i do to increase the temp, without raising the temperature of the main floor?

What causes this kind of issue?
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What kind of information/factors/variables/measurements could i share with you?

My HVAC unit is a trane90, my house is 2700sq ft.

when i moved in all the external caulking was cracked and exposed. So, when i peeled back the old cracked caulking, i also noticed that there was no backer rob or window foam insulation. I was able to fix it for two windows, the other windows i just sealed over until the summer, when i will remove it.

Should i remove my moulding on the inside around the windows, and see if its insulated there?

other thoughts or ideas i could look at?

thank you in advance for the help

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Old wooden single paned windows?
i wish, my house is 8 years old and my windows are double paned.

it couldnt be the insulation (or lack of) behind the drywall right, i would assume the temperature to be much lower then no?
i wish i had crappy windows, that way i know what my problem is!

im going to see if i can find any holes in my duct work in the basement and tape them up with aluminum tape. Maybe that will help. but still 2degree difference between floors. :|
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