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Hello All

Not sure where this should be posted, but i have an issue that i am looking for what might it be.

Being winter here in Toronto, Canada. we must run our HVAC unit to keep our homes warm, so my thermastat is set to 22 celcious. The temperature on the main floor reads 22, however on the second floor (where our bedrooms are), the temperature is only 20 celcious. Its 20 in every room.

Why is that? What could i do to increase the temp, without raising the temperature of the main floor?

What causes this kind of issue?
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Thermastat location, no gaps under the doors, no or poor location of return air ducts, poor insulation in the attic, no air sealing in the attic.
SOmething as simple as partly closing some of the down stairs vents may forse more air up stairs.
Old wooden single paned windows?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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