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Telepost adjustment

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Hey guys,

I've seen somewhere that telepost adjust has seasons or particular times of the year where you should not touch them. I have two that need adjustment.... Maybe half an inch to three quarters. We've had a rocky winter... Plus 5 to minus 30 degree Celsius within two days so wondering if i should wait until a specific time to adjust.

Thanks guys
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Your post is vague and makes it difficult to respond to. First off, a telepost is not a well defined term, so I am not clear what you have. I also cannot tell why you think the posts need to be adjusted. Not all posts are adjustable, not all posts are intended for permanent installation, and sometimes the posts are installed in such a way as to make adjustment impossible. If you post some pictures, and describe exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, and why you think you need to do it, you may get a more on point response.
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