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Telepost adjustment

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Hey guys,

I've seen somewhere that telepost adjust has seasons or particular times of the year where you should not touch them. I have two that need adjustment.... Maybe half an inch to three quarters. We've had a rocky winter... Plus 5 to minus 30 degree Celsius within two days so wondering if i should wait until a specific time to adjust.

Thanks guys
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Guessing you mean a lally column.
With the proper footing there should never be a need to adjust them.
If someone just set them on top of the slab with no footing there always going to be an issue.
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Somethings really wrong with that whole set up.
Back that srew off and see if the beam drops enough to level the floor.
The support to hold that beam up should have been inside the wall on the right all the way from the bottom of the beam to the bottom plate with 4, 2 X 4's.
Interesting wiring job.
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