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Teflon Tape or Pipe Dope

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I have a galvanized nipple threaded into a brass elbow that has a slow drip. I'm going to take apart and replace it. Should I use teflon tape or pipe dope when I reconnect. It currently has pipe dope residue on the threads. This nipple has been in place as long as I've owned the house, going on 20 years.

Any opinion on whether I should use a brass or galvanized replacement nipple?
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Galvanized pipe is going to corrode and close up, it's just a matter of time. Replace it all, or in sections, as you can.

As for fixing the current leak, tape + dope will to do the trick. Brass nipple is preferable over galv as stated above.

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Probably not odd that it started. It's a sloooow drip in a connection to my dishwasher. Located in sink cabinet. Lots of items being moved in and out, particularly the trash can. Probably got bumped one too many times.

Fixed now.
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