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Teak vs. Eucalyptus for patio furniture

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Ok, I can't seem to find a consensus on what the actual benefits and drawbacks are of these woods. Could somebody please emlighten me?

Let me note that we live in Colorado so it will be very dry and pretty dramatic temperature swings. Also gets very hot in summer and very cold in winter... with about a foot of snow annually.

That being said, I am debating between patio furniture made of teak or eucalyptus. From what i have read, teak is overall more resistant to the elements but is far more expensive. I have also read that eucalyptus is very similar to teak in that it has a high oil content to naturally protect itself from the elements, but just not to the extent of teak.

So, what I'm asking here is... is it worth it to pay the extra money for teak to be confident in the survivability of your patio furniture or can eucalyptus be just as good?

Thanks in advance.
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teak is not as dense, but has higher oil content than Eucalyptus.

this means that if you took a similiar sized piece of each, the Euca would be stronger, but the teak would decompose much slower (assuming both were left untreated)

Teak cost so much more becuase it grows slower so isn't able to be "farmed" like the faster growing eucalyptus

I vote for Eucalptus:

it's stronger, cheaper, more environmentally sustainable, and only requires a little more maintance to hold up as well to the elements
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