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Tar Paper or Asbestos

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Reno sting an old house and discovered shiplap under the Sheetrock while doing minor plumbing repair. Removed a square of Sheetrock in another part of the wall and discovered what appeared to be tar paper on the shiplap. I have a photo, but cannot figure out how to post it. I would like to determine if it is tar paper that has “melted” to the wall (this May have been a porch at some point) or if this is asbestos mastic (an adhesive)... and maybe the people who laid the linoleum simply smeared it one the walls while wiping their tools (there are some interesting things in this house). At any rate, I would like to make a determination and either tear out the sheet rock and figure out HOW to remove the tar paper or, IF ASBESTOS, replace my piece of drywall, paint my bathroom, and call it done!
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Even if by chance it is a mastic that has asbestos in it it won't be an issue. Asbestos fibers are only hazardous if they are very fine and get airborne. Since this is encased in the mastic material it can't become airborne so it's not hazardous. I personally would bother testing it. If you test it and it does come back at containing asbestos you will have to acknowledge that at any future transactions involving the property. If you don't test it you don't know if there's any sleeve don't have to say anything about it.
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I would suspect it is what was called CUTBACK or something like that and it did contain asbestos but it is not a problem unless you turn it into a dust and breath it and you do that for years, and years.
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