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tankless or thin tank toilets

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Does anyone know of a toilet that has a thinner tank than standard? The one I have is about 27" from front to back and I'd like to get a thinner one for a new construction bathroom where space is an issue.

It's ok if it's wide, it's really the front to back that's the concern.
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If it's new constrution there's codes for the clearance around the toilet.
Look into a round bowl toilet, not an elongated.
The sides are no problem, plenty of room there, I just think it'll work better if it didn't stick into the changing area as much. I see the round ones are about 28" vs 31" I was really hoping for something that would reduce the size of the tank and set things back a few inches.

I just saw this 1 piece setup at about 20" ... that would save about 7" from where my other one is.

Oops, that's not the end to end measurement.

Here's another option that might work:
Keep in mind that repair kits for those 1 piece lowboy toilets are usually more than a brand new american standard cadet 3 toilet.

If that's what it has to be to make your bathroom work, so be it. Fair warning. :wink:
Yea, I'm noticing a HUGE price difference in toilets!

I did find a corner bowl that might work better and IKEA has some small space sink solutions (they put the faucet on the side).

Mainly I just want more dressing room for people of larger size.
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