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Thanks in advance ..
We are finally getting around to installing our tankless but have revceived some different opinions from the plumbing companies that have come out to bid on this and other work ...

Based on the picture .. we have a 1 inch main gas line that branches to 3/4 and goes to the current water heater, then continues to the furnace.

I have been given 2 options:

1. Run a new 1 inch off the main to the tankless, then attach to existing 3/4 to feed the furnace


2. Run a new 1 inch off the main directly to the tankless, and leave the existing 3/4 to feed the furnace

Is there an opinion on which is the correct way to do this, or do they both work? Option 1 would involve less drywall, etc so it would be an easier fix ..

Thanks for any info.

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