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Did you know that you can turn a pair of toilets into your very own private communications network?

That's right kids, throw out those cups connected on a string and rip those helmet walkie-talkies to pieces! There's a new way to discuss how best to defend your tree house, and as with most fun things, it involves two toilets!

Just follow these five easy steps on your way to near-effortless telecommunications:

Step 1. Get a short length of hose. The tube used to clean out a fish tank works great!

Step 2. Put one end of the hose in the toilet, and the other in the bathtub or shower.

Step 3. Provide suction on the end of the hose that's in the bathtub to create a siphon (yes, use your mouth for this). Watch as the water magically flows from the toilet to the bathtub!

Step 4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on any other toilet in the house.

Step 5. Yell into one of the toilets. Your voice will ring clear as a bell from the other toilet!

Voila, you are communicating, toilet-to-toilet!

Who needs AT&T? What's a "Verizon" anyway? The only "T" you'll need is in "T"oilet, so forget about T-Mobile! Now you are communicating using the power of toilets, and nothing can stop you! Literally nothing!


Note: Field test data is over 20 years old and may be unreliable. Do not yell into toilet while in use. Communications security is not guaranteed -- security dependent upon the number of drains in the house. Conference calling is possible, but a longer hose may be required (sold separately). Long distance calling has not been field-tested, and is still in beta.

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I got a chuckle when my brother the plumber in the family said when he does residential work on a new home, he sets a small radio near the end of one of the pipes and wallah.....sound throughout the home.:rockon:
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