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Taking off/Flatten 3/8" Beveled edge (Sawing or Sanding...Dremel?)

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Hey guys, So the short version is I would like to flatten the 5/16" beveled edge (could take off up to 3/8") to line up one side of this 9" x 12" (x 5/8") wooden plaque w/ a (wood) crate that I've removed the top from. (and attach together)

Right now, I do not have any power saws or sanders. Just a few diff. types of ordinary hand saws, block sander, and a new dremel (8100 8-Volt). Any Suggestions on how to achieve a flat, level edge? Thanks!
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Update: Sorry for the delay

Hi dude,
If you use the hand saw, leave the line and build a sanding block that will slide over the top while sanding the edge. That will keep your 90° edge and if your block is 8.5" long then the width off the sand paper will cover it.

Or, clamp a piece of wood at the line on each side and sand down to it. Other ways, just never did this without a table saw.
Thanks for the tips :thumbsup:. Yep, I ended up cutting down a couple scrap pieces of wood and making a sanding block similar to how you described and used 60 grit, then finer, etc etc. I did the same thing to shorten the back slats about 5/8" (after using a hacksaw first on those).

They sit level. They are by no means perfect, but that's ok b/c they are supposed to be "old/faux distressed" black wooden crates I am using for speaker stands in my home theater setup. They are almost done, I just need to finish the polyurethane (right one needs 1 more coat, left one just finished staining) and sand/clean 'em up a bit.

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