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Taking off/Flatten 3/8" Beveled edge (Sawing or Sanding...Dremel?)

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Hey guys, So the short version is I would like to flatten the 5/16" beveled edge (could take off up to 3/8") to line up one side of this 9" x 12" (x 5/8") wooden plaque w/ a (wood) crate that I've removed the top from. (and attach together)

Right now, I do not have any power saws or sanders. Just a few diff. types of ordinary hand saws, block sander, and a new dremel (8100 8-Volt). Any Suggestions on how to achieve a flat, level edge? Thanks!
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Well, carpenters used to solve problems like these before electricity was invented. Then again, they had decades of experience and a shop full of tools :) Personally I don't think the Dremel will be of much use. What I would probably do is make a good, straight line where you want the cut. Then cut close to this line with your hand saw, doing the best you can. From there, start making the edge flatter and flatter, watching your line as you go. Start with 36 grit sandpaper, then finish with 60 or however smooth you want it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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