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Hi all,

I have an aquarium which has a water sealed T8 lighting system with 2x15w tubes. I’ve removed the lighting unit and managed to cut the plastic cover to access the internal circuitry and electronic ballast and now I’m trying to find suitable replacement ballast.

The existing ballast has 3 output wires which connects to the tubes. At one end, all 4 tube pins are jumped which connects to one of the ballast wires and at the other end of the tubes, the two sets of pins are jumped which connects to the remaining 2 ballast wires which seems straight forward. BUT the new ballast units I’ve seen have 5 output wires which seem to connect to each of the tubes pins. My end fixtures don’t have two wires, just the one, so I’m guessing this type of unit wouldn’t be suitable??

There are several ballasts in eBay, but they all appear to be for higher power units i.e. 2x36w, would these be suitable for 2x15w tubes or does the ballast have to be for the exact wattage?

Many thanks

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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