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t stat wiring problem

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My furnace (gas) has C G Y W R
for controls.

Stat itself (digital) has Y RC RH (jumper in place on rh an rc) W G C H2 H1

what I would like to do is use the "cool" function of the thermostat to strictly start the blower. I have no "cooling" in place, I just would like to run the blower on the t-stats "cool" cycle to help circulate the air.

any input?

thanks in advance.

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if you set cool with the fan in auto setting the fan will cycle with the setting of the temperature on the stat the lower you set it the longer it will run due to no evap section and condenser.take a bucket of ice and slide it into the return up from the filter for some minimal cooling of that return air:eek:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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