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System doesn't have a place for a filter

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I have a Goodman GMS81155CNA furnace configured for upflow. The return ductwork in in the crawlspace. Each room has a small baseboard return grill.

When we bought the house, I went hunting for the filter. It was placed in the bottom of the blower compartment The filter, 20x25, fits the opening perfectly. However, there is nothing to hold it in place. When the fan is running, it lifts the filter up several inches up against the blower assembly. Air flows around the filter, defeating its purpose.

I've searched and can't find a solution. Is there some type of pre-fab filter rack that can be installed in the bottom of the furnace? Do I need to fabricate one myself? Or do I need to remove the entire unit and install an external filter rack on the floor under the furnace?
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You could have somesort of retaining tracks made up to hold filter in place, or just go get a piece of 1/8 in metal rod and cut it a so it reaches from the back to the front of blower compartment.You can make one and put it down the center under blower or two and put one on each side.I have even used a piece of 2 x 4 going across filter.And no it doesnt get hot or else the filter made of cardboard would be a problem.Cut metal rod slightly longer so they will wedge them selfs in.
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