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Switches for Emerson Pryne range hood.

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We have a Emerson Pryne range hood above our kitchen stove. It is a late 50's early 60"s vintage. The control switch for the light is failing and the switch for the fan has completely broken. I have removed the fan switch and controls that made it a three speed fan. I couldn't find a three speed control switch when I was repairing the hood and I installed a single speed after market switch that has broken also.

Does someone know where I can purchase a replacement switch for the light and a three speed control switch that will fit this model of range hood? (Emerson Pryne Bel-aire series)

We have Nutone door bell-clock combination that is the same age as the range hood. The clock has stopped working. It appears that the moving parts of the clock are worn out. Is there somewhere I can get a new clock for this unit? It's size is approximately 8 1/4th" X 8 1/4th".

I need the name of a supplier or a web address for a place I can get parts.

Thanks, Larry
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