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I the guest bathroom in my home does not have an exhaust fan, but it shares a wall with the master bath. Since it's against code to vent two fans through the same exhaust pipe, the easiest solution would be to buy a single in-line duct fan and run flexi-line to vents in each bathroom. This kills two birds with one stone since the master bathroom fan is loud and obnoxious anyways.

The question I have though, is there a way to wire this single in-line fan to switches in each bathroom, where the only way the fan is OFF is if BOTH switches are in the OFF position? I know this is different than a typical 3-way switch but my reasoning is both bathrooms are often in use simultaneously and I don't want people switching the fan off when it should still be in use in the other bathroom.

I'm pretty sure the "switching neutral" aka "California 3-way" is a method to do this but it is against electrical code. Is there another option like a separate relay or something mounted near the fan? Maybe this is inviting a headache that I haven't foreseen. Thoughts?
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