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Switch Washer & Dryer Position?

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Question that seems to have an obvious answer, but I'm afraid I may be missing something:

1. Can I switch the position of my washer and dryer?

More infoz:

I have a tiny house with a laundry room basically in the entryway of the house. The washer blocks the front door from opening all the way. I want a new washer, but the one I am looking at is 11 inches deeper than the one I have, which would block the door even more. My dryer, however, is about the same depth as my current washer. The drain for the washer is directly behind the washer.

2. If I move the washer to where I have the dryer, can I get a hose extension or longer hose so that it reaches the drain and is there any problem with it running behind the dryer?

3. Should I expect any problems with the length of the dryer power cord (should it reach if I move the dryer over and, if it doesn't, is it possible to get a longer one?).

The regular power outlet behind the set is about centered, so I figure I will have no problem plugging in the washer.

4. Are there any other questions I should be asking about this?
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Thank you.

2. It is my understanding that dryer power cords are interchangeable; if you get a dryer with the new style cord, you can easily take the cord off (they are attached with screws) and put on one with the older style plug. I had this problem when we moved here and the guy at the hardware store just said to switch out the cords, which I did. Changing the outlet sounds expensive and like it would require a certain level of electrician experience I do not possess. :(

3. No pan.

Ultimately, I have decided to simply purchase a smaller washer that fits in the space I have, but I have a feeling this may not be an option next time I have to buy a washer. It is more difficult to find smaller washers now and they have to be ordered around here as nobody keeps them in stock. Washers are getting bigger.
Only if I knock some cabinets out.
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