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Switch Replacement

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I bought a house with my wife not to long ago, that is going to need a good amount of work. I've replaced a couple old switches and outlets already, so I know the wiring of this house is a nightmare. Now I'm trying to replace a sliding dimmer switch with a normal light switch, but when I went to remove the outlet, there was a wire setup I've never seen before, and don't really understand. The open wires in the pictures are where the original switch was disconnected. In every configuration I've tried so far, the other switch will work fine, but the new switch (and attached light fixture) have no power. The only thing I can think of is that I'm trying to install a 3 pole switch, and need to try a single pole switch. Any other ideas?


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I agree it's a single pole switch.
Looks like hot wire under the red wirenut .

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Were there two switches in that box? If so, what did the non-dimmer one look like?
what did the non-dimmer one look like?
Picture 2 shows one wire from a pigtail from the other switch which is your hot wire. The other wire looks to be the load. Connect the two wires to your single pole switch. Does it work?
Problem solved. All I needed was a single pole switch instead of a 3-way. In retrospect, I probably should have looked at the neighboring switch to figure that out sooner...
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