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switch/receptacle question

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In my master bedroom, I have a 2 gang box with two switches. One controls my can lights and the other controls a receptacle. This is a 15amp circuit with #14 wire. The switch/receptacle was used to power a lamp on a nightstand. When we bought new furniture, I placed the tv and cable box on top of my dresser and plugged everything in. The problem is, since this is a switch operated receptacle, everytime we accidentally hit it, it shuts the tv and the cable box off and takes several minutes to reload. I am wondering if I can remove the switch, splice the two hots together (bypassing the need for a switch) and put a dummy plate inside the switch cover. I want to make sure the wires wont get to hot and that it's ok to bypass this switch to leave constant power on to that receptacle. Thanks
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Code requires one switched controlled light or receptacle in the room. Since you have can lights you could disable the switch by connecting the wires together.
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