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Switch loop - adding light fixture

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Forgive me if I butcher my explanation for what I need help with...I have a light switch that previously operated the top half of my receptacles, but when I replaced them earlier this year, I chose to have the receptacles always on (never broke off the tab). I want to instead use that light switch to turn on new recessed lighting that I will be installing. When I went up to the attic to try to find the wires, I couldn't find them anywhere, and I could only see a single black and white wire connected to the light switch, so after doing some research I came to the conclusion that it is a switch loop, so the power is going through the receptacles first and then up to the switch. The receptacles that used to work off the switch have 14/3 wires between them, but the wiring leading from the last receptacle into the light switch box is just a 14/2, which I'm guessing would be a problem if I want to use the switch to control the recessed lighting since I don't have a neutral wire to connect to.

What are my options for getting the light switch to control the recessed lighting I will be installing? Do I need to rip apart the wall and replace the 14/2 with 14/3? Or can I attempt to drop the new cable from the recessed lighting directly down into one of the receptacles?

Thank you in advance!
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Remove the white wire from the switch.
In the last receptacle, remove the white wire from the hot wire and connect it to the other white wires.
Now you have a hot and a neutral at the switch location.
Add a cable from the switch to the recessed light, all set
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Easy enough! Thanks, jbfan!
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Do I just cap off the white wire that is currently connected to the switch, and connect the white wire from the recessed lighting to the switch?
No the two whites get connected together and the two blacks go on the switch.
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Ah, got it. Thanks joed!
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