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Swimming Pool Pump & Salt Water Ctlr Wiring

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Hello, I have just recently purchased a salt water clorination system for my pool and need to connect it to the electrical circuits. My pump and any electrical equipment are in an enclosed "pump house" /shed permanently attached to house. The pump house is approximately 30 feet from the pool edge and there is no electrical in or around the the pool (no light or convenience outlet). I was going to run 12/3 wire from a 20Amp breaker in the main house panel through a DPDT 20A switch and then into a "Pool/Spa Panel" with two DP 15A breakers. The pump is a 1HP 230V rated at 7A and the controller is 230V 3A. I will hardwire the pump and the controller to the panel. (The reason for the DPDT switch is to enable me to turn off the power, while performing normal pool maintenance (switching to backwash, pump skimmer cleaning, etc). I will run ROMEX cable inside the house into PVC conduit in the pump house.
Does this sound like it will meet the CEC (I am in Ontario)?
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In the US the pump has to be gfi protcted. Most pool/spa panel I install already have a 50 or 60 gfi installed. Therefore the circuit I run to the panel is based on the gfi cb. If it is an inground pool than the conduit has to go from main panel to pool panel.
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