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Sweaty pipes

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I just noticed that the copper water pipe that comes into the basement from the muni water supply has a lot on moisture on it. It is on the connections to, and the bottom of, the water meter as well. There are no leaks. The pipes are cold and I am sure it is just condensation. It does not drip, so it's not a lot. I have never noticed this before. I have finished the basement area that the meter is in and had planned to frame around these pipes and the meter, with an access panel for access. Can I wrap rags, or some kind of tape, around the pipe to keep it from possibly dripping, or to stop the condensation all together? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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The only ways to stop the condensation is to remove the moisture in the air where the pipe is located or insulate the cold incoming water line from the conditioned air. You have 52*+- water coming into a conditioned air space and that will draw moisture to the pipe. You would be best off finding some good pipe insulation and insulating the pipe. I wouldn't go the rag route....

If you decide to box this pipe in...put a small return air vent at the bottom and top of the space, this will at least allow for air to circulate through the space via natural convection and help keep it dry. But if you insulate the pipe well...this many not be necessary.
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