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Thanks to all for the great advice here. Special thanks to PAbugman.

Well, the Formosans have been swarming here for the last several days. As soon as I realized it, I turned off all outside lights, closed curtains and turned off any inside lighting that I didn't absolutely need so as not to attract their attention.

Last night (about 4 days into the swarming), I noted that there were many of the formerly winged reproducers crawling around inside, and about as many that had died (I guess these were dying too). I killed and flushed any that I saw.

I have one bottle of termidor that I ordered to saturate a hole in the concrete floor of a new bathroom, which will be about 75% more than I'll need for that purpose (and I have another on the way). Of course, this is not nearly enough to trench and treat the entire perimeter of my home.

What I did do (after reading the label) is use the recommended amount per gallon in a sprayer and sprayed the perimeter of the foundation itself and soaked the soil against the foundation (well, not 'soaked', but pretty wet). I also sprayed into cracks and crevices and the weepholes in the brick. This should also work for other insects, including ants.

at any rate, I did all of this to cover the bases. I'll likely call for a termite inspection sometime next week to see if there are any issues.


1)Is there anything else I should be doing?
2) If the termite guy does find an infestation, is this something I should let him handle, or should I be able to handle it (I think just trenching to the specified depths and widths)?

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