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So I am in the process of finishing my basement. it's not going to be a huge room, but enough for a couch, tv and 1/2 bathroom. The plan is to drop a suspended ceiling in the room. Take a look at the pictures below. I think I pretty much have two options. Box it in and drywall it, or drop the suspended ceiling around it (which i dont know if it is possible). Looking to see if anyone has any other ideas on what I can do. The takeoffs come out the sides of the trunk line, so there will be a decent amount of boxing in and figuring out.

I can also leave it exposed and suspend the ceiling right up to it. I don't think I like that idea too much.

I don't want to get too crazy. I'm not going to live in this house forever and probably already max'd out on the value of it for the area I am in, but I'd like it to look good.


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I'd build a soffit around it. Your choice of materials, wood or metal though I find metal easier to work with.

I suppose you could drop ceiling up to it and then paint a dark color but I don't know the look you're going for.
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