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sunroom flooring

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My daughter and I are having a home built and we are having a sunroom added which the builders are giving to us, however we will have to pay or the flooring. I am trying to decide what kind of flooring to put down. We will have heating and air conditioning put in the sunroom and it will lead to the outside. I want a floor that will withstand my granddaughter coming in from the pool. The expense has already gotten to be a little more than I had anticipated and so I decided to try to do the floor my self. I was looking on the net and found something called cushionstep flooring. I dont know much about with the exception of what I read. I would like to know what kind of flooring is best for my sunroom. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

thank you:(
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I would use tile. In the winter it will store heat during the day and keep it warm in the evening. And very easy to clean.
Hi Lady & Bob,

Cushionstep? Sounds like a soft vinyl? The exact opposite of what you need. Listen to Bob, you need ceramic or porcelain tile? Where do you live?

We are using stucco colored (orangish) tile for our sunroom
We also have a pool out back & a hot tub
So something that will withstand water was important

How big is the room?

I'll be tiling it myself
Its a step by step process that most people can do
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