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I live on a one-acre piece of property in Southern Ontario. My concern is the frequency of which my sump pump goes on and off. It has not rained here in over a week and a half and the sump still works every 22 seconds (it was working every 4 seconds after rain and snow melt). All of my downspouts are 25' away from the foundation. I obviously have an issue with the high water table here. I need to know if I can cut into my weeping tile at the back of the house's basement; hire someone to dig a ditch below the basement depth; cut into the tile at the foundation; drain off the water coming into the pump well by diverting it away from the house into the new tile . . . I have over 250' of distance to run the tile with a vertical drop of over 11' . . . Do I put in solid ABS 3" pipe? Do I place the end of the pipe in to some kind of pit? Is there a sump well that can be placed in the yard which would allow me to place the new tile into it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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