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Last November, we moved into our latest house of 23 years of age. I had a Radon mitigation system put in, the sump pump version. Winter passed and come late March I was inspecting around the house and noticed some standing water around the downspout next to the mitigation piping. This downspout runs into a french drain (runs to the curb). This french drain is also the point where the sump pump drains its water. I watched and within 5 minutes I noticed the sump pump water was just pouring out onto the ground before reaching the french drain. I pulled back leaves, ivy, etc.. and noticed a pool of water right up against the house. It appeared the mitigation installer knocked the sump pump 2" PVC pipe loose.

I have corrected the sump pump connection issue and it has been just over a month and the sump pump has slowed down to run every 15-18 minutes now. The yard is level as it gets and the spot where this french drain meets the curb stays wet when all other surrounding curbs are dry. It is a 60 foot run to the city drain.

I hope this means it is drying out and working, but I was hoping someone with experience could give me a rule of thumb. Should I see my drainage at the curb wet when others are dry for up to 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and how long should I wait before calling a professional?
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