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Sump pump cables

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Hello experts!

Previous Owner set up sump pump with battery backup pump. There are a lot of cables: AC, batter power, backup switch, backup sensor. There's a lot of slack in most of these cables.

For some reason, PO put most of this slack inside the pump. That made a rat's nest of cable that leads to the float switch being trapped from above or below if any of the cables get moved by just a bit.

Is there any good reason to put the slack in the sump, and not on the floor surrounding it?

Thank you.
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Previous owner most likely didn't like them visually lying around, but I agree why not just limit the inside to the mandatory ones and lessen the slack on the others outside the sump. I have two cables exiting my sump lid; the rest are adjoining the back up system neatly dealt with. Remember to get your back-up battery off the floor (piece of wood under it is sufficient) and to check it's function once in a while to ensure it's working. I find our 1 year old boat-like battery that came with the system gradually discharges over the months, even with adding distilled water and despite the indicator reading active.Most back up batteries are only good for 3 to 6 hours depending on rain volume/intensity. Enjoy your new home.
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